Europrotex, your independent manufacturer of safety clothing.

Europrotex Company

Independant manufacturer of work clothes for more than 20 years, EUROPROTEX company, based in the North West of France, is producing protective aprons for different sectors such as food industry, hotel or catering.

Us products

EUROPROTEX offers a wide range of aprons and protective complements such as the over-apron, gloves>... and single-use protective clothes like hairnets, over-shoes, kits for visitors, masks,...


Our range of protective aprons is available in different materials: nitril rubber, polyurethane, nitril PVC, Eco PVC,... Protective complements such as the over-apron and gloves are made of chainmesh, vinyl, latex,...

Standard mounting

Neck strap with adjustable plastic buckle and elastic back fastener and hook.

Y mounting

Standard model with additional nitrile tab connecting the buckle and elastic braid for comfort.

DCC mounting

(Cross back Sewn) Straps lined and sewn on the shoulders, closure in the back by knotting.

Montage Soudé H-F

Soudé par Haute Fréquence sangle cou fixe et soudée, attache dos soudée boucle par boucle.

Our expertise

Its professional equipment and EUROPROTEX expertise guarantee the quality of its products.